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Hello from Lapland, Pyhätunturi.

I'm a sound healer who loves creating music and art. I am devoted to make a difference with my own path towards the wellbeing of humanity and nature. 

I am happy to help you to find your own voice and wellbeing in this world. Reiki opened my path to create music and do sound healing. It helped me to find my own voice and pushed me to be authentic and truthful. That is for the wellbeing of All. 

I am also delighted to share my space, beautiful yurt, with you in Women Circles where we can open up for healing and be supported.


Sound Healing Sessions and Concerts

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Private Sound Healing in a Yurt

Sound healing takes place in a warmth of a yurt and on a massage table. It will last about an hour. I'll sing and play lappish healing drum and instrument designed for sound healing.
You will get blankets to stay warm. Sounds are creating a place for you to integrate into your deeper being and body. I use intentions and work with our gardian angels and helpers.

Sound Bath for a Group in a Yurt

Sound Bath is designed for a group of 6-10 people. You will be able to relax in the warmth of the yurt on soffas while I sing and play soothing instruments designed for sound healing. I will serve you some hot tea or chaka drink.
Take a journey into the depths of your soul and let the instruments heal you.

A Concert with photos

Concerts are designed to connect into your own nature, emotions and the Nature around. With sounds, songs and photos on the background- come and enjoy!

You can also contact me, ask more or discuss about creating a concert for a group.


My Story

Sound healer

I have been working as a sound healer since 2016, and as Reiki Master since 2003. Reiki changed my life and I started to create music about connection, love and new life. I found my voice and singing without words that had been missing. Healing sounds.
I've done healing for my body with my own voice by sending and allocating voice into the painful parts.
Voice has incredible possibilities.
Eternal Voice/ IKIääni-concerts came to me when I realised I can use pictures and photos beside the music to tell how a disconnected human mind can destroy nature when it's not connected into it's own nature. And also how it can heal the Nature by healing it's own nature and create connection to the deeper levels of human consciousness and purpose here on Earth.


“Your Own Voice is a powerful tool to change the world inside and around you”.

Mion Wuosha / Miosha


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